Tracy Fagan, Owner of DatingSurvivalInfo.com:  “I am so excited to be studying and learning from Sherlyn Luedtke and Present Parent Training.  As an entrepreneur and mom I recently have felt stuck in my struggle to balance my business life and my mom time.  I also feel I have been a bit off track in fulfilling my life’s purpose.  I had a successful business and a good relationship with my daughter, but I wanted to find a way to expand my income, help other divorced adults through their healing process, and most of all be able to increase the quality of life experiences I could share with my daughter.  Since working with Sherlyn, I’m almost completed my first book. I’ve set up a new website. And I’ve made the relationship with my daughter even better than it was before.  We even got to experience a wonderful week of skiing over spring break.  What I really appreciate about Sherlyn is she has taught me the strategies to set and achieve my goals as well as understand and break the patterns that got me stuck in the first place.  I can’t thank Sherlyn enough for her guidance and support.”

Grace Lewitt, CEO, Adapt-Aware Zone Inc., DUI and Anger Management, www.AdaptAwareDUIPrograms.com:  “Sherlyn has made a positive difference in my business and personal life.  When I have felt like giving up, she has encouraged and motivated me to keep going.  She reminds me of my strengths.  When I am overwhelmed she walks me through the steps on how to get through the challenge and chaos.  She has taught me how to prioritize, look at my options, and release what does not serve me in order to reach the solutions.  Sherlyn has been and is my support and mentor.  Her guidance/coaching helps me stay focused, centered, and in the present without losing sight of my goals and dreams.  I always feel energized and empowered after our sessions.”

Elizabeth Leidy, Passion Play Ministries International:  “Working with Sherlyn as a Life Coach has been a transformational experience.  Her approach to empowering clients is good for all phases of life.   I am a Mother, a Grandmother and I currently am a care giver to my Mom.  Sherlyn has helped me set personal goals, maintain balance emotionally, all while equipping me to manage the difficulties with dignity and respect for everyone involved.   I am so glad I have done this.  I recommend it for everyone.”

Sheri Feyl, Entrepreneur, KBS Enterprises: “Sherlyn’s coaching has benefited me in a phenomenal way. She has an innate ability to ask me the right questions, which lead me to the answers I already have within me. It was with her guidance that I wrote one  year goals that absolutely sizzle they are so hot!! For the first time in my life I have goals that get me pumping with enthusiasm every time I read them. The knowledge she has shared with me during our coaching sessions has been invaluable, and I have grown so much as a person from our interaction.”

Erin Villalobos, Sign Language Intrepreter, Baby Signs Instructor, Founder of Village Parenting in West Hills, CA: “This has been a humbling experience for me.  It has opened up my eyes to a whole new way of living with a child.  Thanks for allowing me to feel better about myself as a parent.  I’m not so bad after all.”

Rose, NYC, Feng Shui Romance Coach, www.RomancingLifeNow.com:  “I had my doubts about receiving coaching from a company called Present Parent Training because I’m not a parent.  Yet, it is much more than that. (I tried a coaching package with Sherlyn, and I’ve been with her for over a year.)  She never ceases to amaze me with how she can support me in many directions: with building my business, creating more communication with my sister, and even planning a wedding. I throw all my challenges to her and she handles it with grace, ease, and a smile. Sherlyn is multi-talented.  The speed of success in all areas of my life is thanks to having Sherlyn who keeps me focused and grounded. Thanks for everything.”

Davena Sicam, Homemaker: “Sherlyn had so much information to offer new and older parents (toddlers & school age), I know I am able to implement some of the techniques in my life (marriage, friendship, family).”

John Steinreich, Business Manager, Wellspring: “This was a fun way to explore alternatives to my current parenting techniques.  This helped me think about meeting my child’s needs more from the heart than from a command-and-control model.”

Chantel Steinreich, Independent Contractor, JDS Entertainment: “I learned so much about better parenting techniques.  This taught me to look within my own heart and life.  I discovered that my parenting style is very similar to the way I grew up, even though I thought I was doing things differently.  Though it appeared to be different and the strategy was, but the approach and tone were the same.  I am grateful for a new way and a new outlook on parenting.  Thanks so much.”