Acknowledge and Thank Dads for Father's Day

Father’s Day always has me stumped.  What can I get for a man who prides himself on providing for his family?  There is something that a father wants but often doesn’t receive:  acknowledgement.

It’s not that the people in his life don’t love or acknowledge him.  They do.  The issue is his ability or inability to receive.  When you give a father a compliment, does it ever land or does he shrug it off?  When you go to hug him, does he take you in a heart to heart embrace that lingers, or does he give you a man pat where you lean in, reach around, and firmly pat each other on the back?  Does he accept and thank you for your gifts, or does he say you shouldn’t have?  And don’t even think about trying to slip him some money.

As a daughter and a wife, I am extremely grateful to have amazing men in my life.  I appreciate them all for their steady support and guidance.  I admit that I don’t do it all on my own.  They helped me.  They held me while I cried.  They gave me money.  They loved me.  They were there for me.  I choose to focus on the times when they were at their best, when they were the noble, kind, loving, and wise men.  By acknowledging and thanking them, I give them permission and incentive to be more of that.

So for Father’s Day, in addition to the cute cards and crafts you may be presenting, let’s honor our fathers with acknowledgment and appreciation.  They may receive it well; they might run.  Regardless, now is the time to let the fathers in your life know how much they mean to you.  Do it today, and always.

Please leave a comment to acknowledge a Father in your life for Father’s Day!

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