Why Mothers Day Books Are Great Gifts

Mothers Day Books The Mommy AdvantageWhy Mothers Day Books Are Great Gifts

Mothers Day books are a great gift to give to the moms in your life.  Each year givers are challenged to come up with something special and original to honor their mothers.  It can be a daunting task.  However, giving Mothers Day books is a very effective way to make a great impression.

Mothers Day Books Add Value

First of all, you are giving something of intellectual value.  Mothers Day books are educational, entertaining, inspirational or all of the above.  Non-fiction can be humorous.  Self-help can be encouraging.  Parenting books can be productive.  I personally would lean toward books that are encouraging and inspiring.  Most moms could use a lot more encouragement and inspiration.  Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs on the planet.  For added effect, choose a pretty book with bright feminine colors.  It catches the eye and says “gift” instead of “textbook”.

Mothers Day Books Will Last

Second, giving Mothers Day books will pretty much ensure that you will be remembered for that gift for years to come.  Very rarely do people throw books away.  They also hold up very well compared to flowers and candy.  You also get to inscribe it.

Write something that is personal that really acknowledges the receiver of your gift not just for Mothers Day, not just for being a mom, but for being a great person overall with many different dimensions to her life.  Write a line or two about something specific that you admire about her or that you are especially grateful for.  Close your inscription with love and admiration.  When you sign your name, make sure your name is signed clearly and is easy to read.  A squiggle can be interpreted as a sign of carelessness.  A legible signature demonstrates intention and care.  You definitely want the recipient of your gift to know that you care.

Mothers Day Books Can Be Shared

Lastly, when you give Mothers Day books, you also have the added potential of the book being shared with others.  When that happens, not only will the new readers benefit from the gift you originally gave, the giver also gets to experience the joy of giving.  And because you inscribed it legibly, you get additional credit for giving such a great gift.  Who knows?  It may even become a treasured possession and end up being an heirloom that is passed down to generations.

How To Present Mothers Day Books

To increase the perceived value of Mothers Day books, be sure that you present it appropriately.  Put it in a lovely gift bag with lots of tissue paper.  Handle it with care and be sure to pause, look deeply into her eyes, take a deep breath, smile, and tell her Happy Mothers Day.  Finish the presentation with a hug and kiss.

If you would like to find out more about how to enhance your presence and connection with others, please fill in the box in the upper right of this page.  May you have a great time with your Mothers Day books and a great day celebrating motherhood!

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