Secrets of a Happy Morning Routine For Kids Part 1

Morning Routine for Kids Practical ParentingSecrets of a Happy Morning Routine For Kids

Would you like to establish an effective morning routine for kids? Are you frustrated with getting your child ready for school? Do you find yourself nagging and dragging to avoid being tardy?

These practical parenting tips for a happy morning routine are fairly common sense. Having said that, I will be the first to admit that common sense gets overruled by panic when the clock is ticking, and you are afraid of being late. Rushing invites catastrophe mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Instead, play with these practical parenting tips for a smoother, easier morning routine for kids.

Practical Parenting Tips for a Happy Morning Routine for Kids

1.  Assign a Place for School Bags
Reduce stress by knowing exactly where backpacks, lunch boxes, and other school bags go.

2.  Use a Checklist
Have a simple list (with pictures if your child is still learning to read) that your child can reference for what to do to get ready the night before and in the morning.

3.  Pack the Night Before
If it’s not in the bag the night before, it’s not going. You may have to discipline yourself on this one.

4.  Prepare an Outfit the Night Before
It just takes a minute to choose outfits the night before. Take this a step further and set up outfits on Sunday for the whole week.

5.  Agree on a Procedure
Be clear about the procedure to follow to get your desired result. Do this when you are not in a rush. Set the intention to cooperate, be joyful, and be early because it’s better for everyone. Have your child participate in creating the procedure. That makes it easier for him to follow it.

6.  Allow Consequences
I calmly let my son know that I was committed to being on time and would take him to school in his pajamas if he was not dressed. The furthest I got was carrying him to the car and putting his school clothes beside him. He was in his school clothes by the time we got to school.

7.  Hold Your Tongue
Let your actions do the talking. Your lecturing and nagging just gets you all worked up and drains your energy. Decide what you are going to do and follow through without a monologue.

Following these practical parenting tips can make for a smoother morning routine for kids. Give them a try and see what happens.

While these practical parenting tips can help speed you and your child along in the morning, I would also like to share few of my secrets that have made our mornings fun, light, and on time. Check these out in Secrets of a Happy Morning Routine For Kids Part 2.

If you would like to improve your ability to stay present and enjoy your mornings instead of worrying about the future or feeling guilty for not being as prepared as you would like, please fill in the box in the upper right hand corner. You will get immediate access to the Parenting Presence Assessment and a special report to give you a boost. I wish you all the best in creating a successful morning routine for kids in your home.

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