The Fourth of July and Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The Fourth of July is coming up, and I’m feeling patriotic. From the cute recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance by my daughter’s preschool class to our church and children’s choir concert entitled “One Nation Under God”, life just seems very red, white, and blue, in a good way. Three of our friends recently became United States citizens which reminded me that I automatically have something that others work hard to get. As United States citizens, my family and I have so much to be grateful for.

Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness. Life is so good in the United States compared to other conditions in the world that all we really do is spend time in the pursuit of happiness. What a blessing!

Don’t get me wrong. There are still ways that our country can improve. As long as we have humans in the United States, we will have room for development. For now, let’s appreciate what our nation, founded on a creed, affords us.

Life – If we are alive at this moment, we are meant to be here. We have been given a certain amount of time on this planet to accomplish something. Every day is an opportunity to accomplish it. What I learned recently was that we are naturally living our life purpose, sometimes less consciously than we’d like, but nonetheless, we are living it. That was comforting. If you are feeling unfulfilled, it is a signal to get clear about your purpose and message that you have been sent here to give. As you go about living it even more fully, you will enjoy life more and more. I am so grateful to be speaking and coaching on parenting and personal growth. It’s what I’m passionate about. If you’re not entirely clear about your purpose, passion, or message, let’s chat!

Liberty – Imagine losing your freedom of speech, religion, etc. For as much as we may fuss about being monitored or not being able to fully express ourselves, we have great liberty to do so. Use your liberty to be trust-worthy and responsible in all matters. Do your best, even when no one is watching. We might as well be a living example of it because our kids are observing and learning from us all the time.

Pursuit of Happiness – The word “happiness” comes from the same root as “happening” or “happenstance”. It is based on events that happen in your life. If you find yourself looking for more happiness, recognize that it is not about what happens to you, it is about how you respond to your life. Your happiness starts with you, not with your kids, your partner, your job, your clients, or anything external. It is an internal shift. Generate happiness, and it will be chasing you instead of the other way around.

This Fourth of July is a commemoration of many gifts we have received: life, liberty, happiness, and many others. Those gifts were given by our nation’s founders and their families, by our protectors, by our allies, and many others. There is so much to be grateful for. Take a moment to remember what you are grateful for and talk with your kids about it. Make this a memorable and meaningful Fourth of July, and please comment below and share about your experiences.

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Present Parent Training is a cutting-edge parenting success training company for parents with children ages 0-5 years. We specialize in personal growth and parenting strategies that nurture your child's spirit and strengthen your heart. Our goal is to help parents recognize and overcome the obstacles that prevent them from being the parents they want to be, so they can develop amazing qualities as a person, and be present and hopeful in any parenting challenge.
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