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TO: The Inner Access Community (Private)
FR: The Amazing Sherlyn

I am so grateful that you are taking action today, and I want to reward you with an exclusive gift. When you commit to purchase The Mommy Advantage on Oct. 1, you receive a special bonus audio recording of an interview with The Genie himself about his secrets of success in business and parenting.

This is only available to the Inner Access Community because first of all, I am extremely grateful to The Genie for his support in this project, and secondly, I know that if you are working with Inner Access, your word is law.

There are two steps to claim your gift:

1.   Fill in your email and name above to confirm your commitment and receive our launch email on Oct. 1 with additional bonus gifts.

2.   Mark Tuesday, Oct. 1 in your calendar to go to and purchase The Mommy Advantage.

Congratulations again for taking action today and investing in your growth!


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