Practical Parenting at a Business Seminar

Practical Parenting at a Business SeminarPractical Parenting at a Business Seminar

A week or so ago, my practical parenting skills were expanded to the context of business seminars. My daughter had a little runny nose and ended up being sent home from pre-school. I am so grateful I have some options when that happens. This time my options included taking her with me to a business seminar.

Practical Parenting Tips for Seminar Moms

I want to share some practical parenting tips for attending a seminar with your young child. Here are a few, and if you happen to have a few of your own to add, please comment below. In any case, here are a few things I learned during my six years of attending personal development and business seminars.

  1. Be Prepared
    I have done my best to travel light to seminars, but when it comes to kids, it is equally important to be prepared.  I had my three year old daughter’s stroller, snacks, blanket, and activities along with my own bag of tricks.  She also was a veteran traveler and had stocked her own tiny rolling backpack with books and a few toys.  She was very cute to watch.
  1. Adjust Your Expectations
    I tend to be a front-row center kind of gal.  With my daughter and all our related paraphernalia in tow, we ended up sitting on the far aisle toward the back.  I still learned and actively participated to make the most out of my investment.  The best part was watching my little girl participate, too.  I also changed my expectations with regard to all the people I intended to meet.  I am just not as nimble with a young child, stroller, lunchbox, etc.
  1. Relax
    Because I had adjusted my expectations, I set a new one, to really enjoy the time we had together at the seminar.  I loved having my little apprentice with me.  We had a great time, and she was very welcomed.  She felt so at ease that she was able to fall asleep stretched across two chairs with her head on my lap.
  1. Work with and Thank the Staff
    Usually, the staff is enamored with little kids.  I appreciated how supportive and encouraging they were, and I thanked them for it.  One staff person helped us find seats and squeeze in the stroller to fit.  He made things much easier.  When my daughter and I smile and say thanks, and we stand a better chance of not being asked to leave.
  1. Don’t Push
    The audience was invited on stage to dance when we came back from the breaks.  My little girl loves music and dancing.  I thought she would love participating, but I didn’t want to scare her with being on stage in front of 700 people with loud music and spotlights.  The first time, we walked toward the stage, and she just watched from the floor.  I didn’t push her because I wanted her to choose to go up there or not.  The next time we came back from a break, she was the first person to the stage.  She loved it.  She chose it.
  1. Set Boundaries
    While she was dancing on stage, a man started dancing beside her, almost with her.  I was right by her side and remained very vigilant in case I needed to intervene to protect her personal space.  Do not mess with a mamma bear.  In addition to that I held her hand through the crowds.  I watched who she was interacting with.  I only let my close friend carry her.  I let her high-five people, but that was the extent of it.

Going to this seminar with my daughter was wonderful.  I was grateful that my positive approach and consistent discipline had worked so well.  I had a great day, and so did she.  I hope these practical parenting tips were helpful to you.

If you have attended a seminar with your child, please leave comment below.  I would love to hear about your experience and any practical parenting tips you would like to share.

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