Communicating with Children about Mother’s Day

Communicating with Children about Mother's DayCommunicating with Children about Mother’s Day

The process of communicating with children about Mother’s Day makes it even more meaningful to mothers. I love Mother’s Day, and I think it is important to recognize moms for who they are, what they do, and how much they love. To make Mother’s Day even more special for you and your family, take a moment to talk with your child about how this one day is a reminder to cherish your mom and appreciate the life she has given you.

Seven Tips for Communicating with Children about Mother’s Day

1. Say Thank You
Moms need acknowledgement in a huge way. When I hear my children and husband say thank you, I feel so fulfilled and on purpose that I want to give them even more. Saying “thank you” is much more empowering than giving subjective praise like “You are a great mom” or even “I like the way you cook me breakfast”. Praise is a two-edged sword because when you take it to heart, it puts your self-worth into other people’s hands. When they say “good job” it’s a good job. When they say “not good enough” it’s not good enough. Acknowledging effort by saying “thank you” helps the receiver of the thanks to see that their contribution made a difference. Acknowledgement enhances internal motivation. Tell your child to watch mom and say “thank you” for every specific thing she does. It will attract more of what you and they want.

2. Jump In and Help
Notice the details of every thing that mom does. You will be surprised how much she does. If you really want to make Mother’s Day special, jump in and help. Do not wait to be asked. Take initiative, be proactive, and as quickly as you can, do the things that she usually takes care of, before she can get to them. She will fall over with disbelief and a big smile on her face. It may not last, but it will feel good for at least a day. Tell your child to play a game of guess what mom is going to do next and see if they can do it first. It will be fun.

3. Give Gifts
This one seems pretty obvious because the stores are stocked full of flowers, candy, and other gifts for Mother’s Day. Or how about a nice book to encourage her?  Gifts are one way of expressing love, so you might as well get this way covered as well. It truly is the thought that counts, right moms? And be sure your gift is nicely wrapped. Tell your child to present the gift to mom with a Happy Mother’s Day greeting and a big hug.

4. Show Affection
Speaking of hugs, this is a day for public displays of affection. It almost can feel like Valentine’s Day. Tell your child to hold hands, give hugs and kisses, and cuddle with mom. It will raise her oxytocin production, lower her stress, and help her enjoy her special day.

5. Listen with Empathy
Nothing is more connecting and fulfilling than having someone listen to you, and for women, this is very important. Take time to give mom special attention and really listen to what she says. If she starts out a little negative, ask her questions that focus on her on her dreams, pleasures, and whatever makes her smile. Without fixing, agreeing or disagreeing, give her the gift of feeling heard and understood. Tell your child to let mom talk, and listen and smile.

6. Acknowledge All Mothers
It might be easy to just your own mother, so keep in mind all the other mothers and other women who may not have their own kids, but who have participated in the raising of humanity. Thank them, too. Tell your child to smile and say thank you when they see other moms or women acting in a motherly way.

7. Intend to Remember
Be intentional about communicating with children about honoring mothers after Mother’s Day. Mothers are mothers for life. Even a little shift of awareness beyond Mother’s Day can make parenting more meaningful and fulfilling. Tell your child to plan one way to acknowledge mom on Monday, and help them remember.

I hope that the way you are communicating with children about Mother’s Day takes your parenting to a higher level. I also want to acknowledge and thank my mom, grandma, and daughter for our picture of four generations of strong females in the Villanueva line.

For more information on communicating with children and how to be more present with your family, please fill in your name and email at the upper right side of this page. I would love to connect with you. Happy Mother’s Day! I wish you all the best in your growth as a parent and as a person.

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