Secrets of a Happy Morning Routine For Kids Part 4

Happy Morning Routine for KidsSecrets of a Happy Morning Routine For Kids Part 4

Not long ago I was asked what I did to get my son to the point of waking up for school without an alarm clock and being dressed and ready for school on his own. I have written a few posts on it already, but I wanted to make sure I included what really turned things around for us. There was a time when my son and I were consistently racing to school in the morning, praying that the gate would still be open so that he could slip in and not get a tardy. It was extremely stressful for everyone involved. Not a fun way to start the day.  Thankfully we discovered several ways to create a happy morning routine for kids.

In addition to what I shared with you in Secrets of a Happy Morning Routine for Kids Parts 1-3, I wanted to give you these inner world steps to help ensure that you get what you want.

How to Create a Happy Morning Routine for Kids

Declare Your Intention
When the new school year rolled around, I reflected back on the prior year and our morning madness. It was not what I wanted for this new school year. I wanted ease, connection, joy to start our day. I decided that I would raise my standards and plan to be early every day. I boldly declared that we would be early from this day forward. So be it!

Visualize Success
Visualization is the process of seeking to change your outer world results by changing your thoughts. I imagined us leaving early, being prepared, smiling, singing, having the best mornings ever. You can use the technique of visualization to see yourself succeeding. Take a few minutes before your day gears up to create mental pictures of what you want, in the short term and long term. Visualization has healed people, created world champions, and attracted abundance. It certainly can help with a happy morning routine for kids.

Forecast Success Not Doom
During our tardy stage, I caught myself bemoaning the certainty of our being late even though there was a chance we might not. I sighed audibly and mused about the horrible attendance record that my son’s teacher would notice. I realize now that I wanted to scare him into being early. I wanted him to feel guilty for his part in our miserable morning. I was venting my disappointed feelings about myself and projecting them onto my son. But catching myself now, I stay optimistic about getting to class on time, even if it might be a close call with the bell. It’s much more healthy and relaxing to imagine success rather than failure.

Manage Your State
And speaking of relaxing, remember that you as a parent contribute a ton to the level of anxiety or ease that happens in the morning. Commit to staying positive and in a vibration of love. Stay light, smile, and keep making adjustments. Trust that you will create an awesome morning routine for kids. It may feel distant at first, but when you are unshakable in your loving support and acceptance of your child and yourself, you will accomplish your goal.

Will Every Morning Be a Happy One Because of Your Morning Routine For Kids?

If you implement even a few of the things I have shared, you can experience a major improvement in your mornings.  Does this mean that every day will be perfect?  Not quite.  Every so often, my son needs a little support in the morning. It just reminds me what a great gift he gives me by being responsible for himself.  Most days though, you will be amazed at how your kids take responsibility for themselves.  Believe those days are coming, and watch for them.

If you would like to stay in touch and receive other practical parenting tips, please fill in the box in the upper right hand corner. You will get immediate access to the Parenting Presence Assessment and a special report to give you a boost. I wish you all the best in creating a successful morning routine for kids in your home.

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